Crawford Family

By Don D. Crawford

citing The Early Ancestors of The Crawfords in America by Fred E. Crawford privately published in 1940 for the Introduction,citing Clan Websites for the clan history and citing family genealogies for other parts, including information from Hulan Don Crawford and Mary Jo Crawford

Crawford Clan Crest: A Stags head with a cross between the antlers.

Crawford Clan Motto: Tutum Te Robore Reddam (I will make you safe with strength).


Some families, such as the McGavocks have one first ancestor, James McGavock. Some families have a few early immigrants. On the other hand, the Crawfords have many early ancestors who came to America, beginning in the early 1600s. By the 1700s, the prolific Crawfords resided in scores of towns in Scotland, dozens of localities in Ireland and several states in America. Today, Crawfords in America number in the hundreds of thousands.

The ancestors for many of the Crawfords in America came directly from Scotland. The ancestors for the majority of the Crawfords, however, are believed to have migrated from Scotland to Ireland prior to the migration to America, the Scot-Irish. Some families of Crawfords may have lived in Northern Ireland for a century or more before the migration to America. Accordingly, these branches of the Crawford family do not unite in America, but share a common root in Ireland or in Scotland. Fred E. Crawford, in his book, stated, “All branches of the family of Crawford have somewhere, either in Ireland or in Scotland, a common ancestry back of which is a common heritage, a common history and common traditions.”

All Crawfords everywhere,(whether spelled Crawford, Crawfurd, Craufurd, Crafford, Craford, Crafforde, Craifford or etc.), are probably related to or directly descended from John Crawfordalso known as,”Johannes de Crawford c. 1110 - 1170”, of Crawfordjohn who lived in Clydesdale (Lanarkshire) Scotland in the middle of the twelfth century.

Johannes had a grandson, also named Johannes de Crawford, who was the last Baron of that surname. This Johannes died, without male issue, in 1248. Part of his estate went to his elder daughter, Margaret, wife of Sir Archibald de Douglas, ancestor of the Earls of Douglas and the Dukes of Douglas. The other portion, including the Barony of Crawfourd, went to his younger daughter, who married Sir David de Lindsay of Wauchopdale, a great grandson of Gulielmus de Lindsay, a notable person under King David I 1124 - 1153. The elder sons of this line became the feudal Lords of Craufurd. The title was absorbed in the higher rank of Earldom of Crawford, which was conferred on Sir David de Lindsay in 1398. Crawfords are now a Sept in Clan Lindsay. Lord Crawford, the Chief of Clan Lindsay, presently serves in the British House of Lords and has a son and a grandson.

In 1296, in the reign of William the Lion, Sir Reginald Crawford was appointed Sheriff of Ayr. It is widely held that his sister Margaret, was the wife of Sir Malcolm Wallace of Elderslie, and the mother of William Wallace 1272 -1305, the Scottish freedom fighter popularized in the movie “Braveheart.”


In about 1570, John (or Owen) Crawford accompanied Dhu MacDonnell, daughter of James MacDonnell, Lord of the Isles, when she came from Scotland to Ireland to marry Hugh O’Donnell, Prince of Tyrconnel. John probably descended from the Lanarkshire Crawfords. John entered the service of Tyrconnel and became an important captain. In 1597, Sir Conyers Clifford and a large body of English and allies attacked the Castle of Ballyshannon, which was successfully defended by John Crawford with only a handful of soldiers. John’s son, Patrick received a grant of 1,000 acres from King James I in 1610, served as a captain in the English army and was killed at the siege of Dunyveg in 1614. John Crawford’s second son, David, sided with the Irish and was present at the defeat of Hugh Roe O’Donnel and fled with him to Spain in 1601. David attempted to return to Ireland in 1610, but had to flee again. David did not return to Ireland, and his final destination is unknown (perhaps America?).

Another descendant of John Crawford 1110 was his 13-great grandson, Alexander Crawford of Kilbirny c.1592 – c.1652, (also spelled Kilbirney, Kilbirnie, Kilburney, Kilburnie, and other spellings). Alexander migrated from Scotland to Northern Ireland shortly after 1610. A majority of the Scot-Irish-Americans are related to Alexander Crawford or can trace direct ancestry to Alexander Crawford of Kilbirny. Alexander Crawford 1592 is the younger son of Crawford Malcolm 1558|Malcolm Crawford c1558 – c.1592 of Kilburny and Margaret Cuninghame Crawford. Margaret is the daughter of John Cuninghame, Laird of Glengarnock. Margaret’s brother, Sir James Cuninghame, of Glenagarnock Castle was the head of the numerous Cuninghame clan.

As part of the implantation of Northern Ireland under King James, in about 1608-1610 Sir James Cuninghame and a large number of his relations from the areas of Kilbirny and Glengarnock, emigrated to County Donegal in Northern Ireland. In 1610, about five years into the implantation, King James established “The Scotch Irish Colony in Donegal.” The original patentees for 12,000 acres in the precinct of Portlough included the following:

3,000 acres for The Duke of Lennox1,000 acres for Sir Walter Stewart, (Laird of Minto

1,000 acres for John Crawfurd (Laird of Kilberny)

1,000 acres for Alexander MacAulay of Durling

2,000 acres for Sir James Cuninghame (Liard of Glengarnock)

1,000 acres for John Cuninghame (of Crawfield)

1,000 acres for Cuthbert Cuninghame

1,000 acres for William Stuart (Laird of Dunduff)

1,000 acres for James Cuninghame, of Horomilne

12,000 acres total

The first patentee was Ludovic Stewart, 2nd Duke of Lennox, 1st Duke of Richmond (September 29, 1574 – February 16, 1624). Alexander Crawford 1592 was closely related (brother, uncle, and four cousins) to six of the original nine Patentees for the Precinct of Portlough. John Crawfurd was his brother. Sir James Cuninghame was his mother’s brother. John Cuninghame was Sir James’ son. Cuthbert was in the same family. Alexander was Sir Aulay MacAulay’s son. Sir Aulay married Alexander’s aunt, Margaret Crawford (sister to Alexander’s father).

Similarly the eight patentees for the 10,000 acres in Precinct Boylagh and Banagh were also related to Alexander Crawford 1592, but not as closely. This group included friends of the Murrays and Stewarts, all of whom were related to Alexander or connected by marriage.

2,000 acres Sir Patrick Macklellan (Laird of Bomby)

1,500 acres George Murray (Laird of Broughton)

1,500 acres William Stewart, Esq

1,000 acres Sir Patrick Mackee, Knt. (of Laerg)

1,000 acres James M’Cullock (M’Cullagh), gent.

1,000 acres Alexander Dunbar, gent

1,000 acres Patrick Vans (of Librach)

1,000 acres Alexander Cuningahme, gent (of Powton)

10,000 acres total

Other neighboring clans were also involved in the Implantation, some even earlier than the Crawford relatives above. In his book, Ayrshire, Patterson wrote,”shortly after the accession of King James 1 to the English throne a memorable event in the history of Ayshire occurred. This was the colonization of Ulster, in Ireland, by a body of Scotsmen from Ayrshire.” As early as 1605, Hugh Montgomery, Laird of Braidsotone, in parish of Beith, adjoining Kilbirny, obtained a deed of sale from Con O’Neill of part of the counties of down and Tyrone and a grant from the Crown confirming title to this property on the north-east coast of Ireland. This Scot colony prospered and by 1610 Montgomery could muster a thousand able fighting men.

Other information on the Crawford Clan History may be viewed at that page.

Places of Interest:

Crawfurdland Castle, Kilmarnock, Ayrshire. Seat of the Crawford Family from 16th century.

Loudon Estates on River Irvine, Ayrshire. Originally owned by the Crawfords, but passed to the Campbells through marriage.

Kilburnie Castle and Kirk (Church) were ancient possessions of the Crawford family. In 1757, the castle was destoyed by fire. One of the Earls of Crawford had the castle repaired. On the front of the gallery there was emblazoned the armorial bearings of the twelve families with whom that of Crawford was allied. Kilburnie Kirk attracts the curious in heraldry and antiquities.

Crawfords descending from John Crawford 1784

Since several Crawford branches came to America early in American history, some directly from Scotland and some via Scotland-Northern Ireland, and since John Crawford, 1784 appeared in Williamson County, Tennessee in the early 1800s along with other Scot Irish families who followed a migration path from Pennsylvania, to Virginia, to North Carolina and then to Tennessee , such as the Rutherfords,it remains a mystery to which particular Crawford group John Crawford 1784 attaches.

The DNA of some descendants of Felix Ewing Crawford show ancestry to the Crawfords of Crawfordjohn, Scotland.

First Established Generation For John Crawford 1784

John Crawford

John Crawford was born March 16, 1784, married on February 26, 1808 Elizabeth Rutherford 1787 -1854 in Williamson County, Tennessee and served as a captain in the War of 1812 and died in 1812 in Williamson County, TN.

John Crawford had brothers, James, Alex (Alexander?), William, and Samuel and a sister Mary who married Mr. McCoy. There may have been other children.

James Crawford

James had a son J.W. (Washington) living in North Mt. Pleasant, Miss. In 1868. There is a record of death of James Washington Crawford on July 7, 1870. Found 1820 Census Limestone County (Alabama?) (DAH)

Alex Crawford

Alex Crawford had a son G.W.J. Crawford had three brothers and one sister living at that time. G.W.J. had a son who was a successful doctor, wrote from Lamar, Miss. (now Benton County?), that Uncle Samuel had visited at Alex’s home in Alabama. The visit was prior to Samuel’s departure for Mexico, probably 1820 or earlier. Not found 1820 Census Limestone County, (Alabama?) (DAH) The heirs of Alex lived near Salem, Tippah Co., Mississippi, in 1868

William Crawford

William had one son Franklin living in 1869. This may have been the F. Crawford who wrote from Tuscumbia, Alabama, in 1834 that a father, uncle, and three cousins had died within three years past; and the Franklin Crawford who wrote from Somerville, Tennessee in 1868 that “the Crawfords are strewn around in 30 miles of Somerville.” Franklin had two sons who fought through the Civil War (War Between the States), had seven children and three grandchildren. Franklin wrote that the McCoy family lived in South Carolina and Tenn., and the Englishes lived in Alabama and Texas. Rev. Robert McCoy (son of John Crawford’s sister) lived in Humbolt Madison Co., Tenn., in 1868 (then Texas). The English heir evidently was the son of another sister who married a man named English.

Samuel Crawford

Samuel was a Lieutenant Colonel or Colonel (possibly in the Mexican army), was severely wounded in battle and died in Baton Rouge on his way home sometime between 1824and 1827. He received a grant of land, believed to be near Austin on the Rio Colorado, containing eleven leagues and three aprons. All the papers were lost, perhaps taken by John Clark, who was believed to have been with Samuel at the time of his death. Samuel Crawford’s heirs made an attempt in the 1860’s to trace these papers, but it was too late. They were barred by the statute of limitation, even if their claim could have been established. Found 1820 Census Limestone County (Alabama?) (DAH)

Mary Crawford McCoy

Mary Crawford McCoy had a son Rev. Robert McCoy 1808 -1879, who lived in Humboldt, Tennessee in 1868, and who traveled extensively in Texas. Rev Robert may have established La Vernia, Texas.

Second Generation descending from John Crawford, 1784

Henry Rutherford Crawford.

Henry Rutherford “H. R.” Crawford was born in Tennessee on April 26th, 1811, to John Crawford and Elizabeth Rutherford. In the Scot naming tradition, H. R. is named for his maternal grandfather, Henry Rutherford. H. R. married three times: first, to Nancy Williams (who died a day after giving birth to their first child); second to Mahala Zumwalt (who died after the birth of two children) and third, to Ann Wilson, who gave birth to eight children and who survived H. R.

Children of Henry Rutherford Crawford 1811:

To Nancy Williams

John Washington Williams Crawford 1837 - 1921, born in Williamson County, TN

To Mahala Zumwalt

Crawford Elizabeth Jane 1840|Elizabeth Jane Crawford 1840 - 1846, born in the Republic of Texas

Felix Grundy Crawford 1843 - 1932, born in the Republic of Texas

To Ann Wilson

Jane Crawford 1848 -1862, born in Comal County, TX

Elizabeth Crawford 1850 - 1944, born at “Bonito” in Comal County, TX

James Johnson Crawford 1851 - 1906, born at “Bonito” in Comal County, TX

Mary Francis Crawford 1853 - 1931, born at “Bonito” in Comal County, TX

William Henry Crawford 1855 - 1926, born at “Bonito” in Comal County, TX

Charles Buchanan Crawford 1857 - 1952, born at “Bonito” in Comal County, TX

Anna Tennessee Crawford 1860 -1941, born at “Bonito” in Comal County, TX

Jane Ida Crawford 1862 - 1954, born at “Bonito” in Comal County, TX

Third Generation descending from John Crawford, 1784

John Washington Williams Crawford 1837 and Virginia Franklin Bateman are the parents of the children following:

1. Jonathan Henry Crawford b. 6 June 1858 Comal Co., TX d. 22 Mar 1861

2. Nancy Edna (Nannie) b. 21 Mar 1860 Comal Co., TX d. 17 Mar 1945

3. Sarah Eliza Jane (Sallie) b. 13 Sept 1862 Caldwell Co., TX d. 27 Apr 1933 m Jim Lehew

4. Lucinda Elizabeth (Lizzie) b. 22 Apr 1865 Comal Co., TX d. 26 Feb 1956

5. William Edward (Edd) b. 22 Nov 1967 Comal Co., TX d. 21 Nov 1930

6. Felix Ewing b. 8 May 1870 Hays Co., TX d. 19 May 1953

7. Madison Edgar (Matt) b. 25 Dec 1872 Hays Co., TX d. 24 Mar 1917

8. Mary Eunice (Mollie) b. 10 Apr 1877 Brown Co., TX d. 4 Sept 1948

9. John Ewery (Bud) b. 15 June 1880 Brown Co., TX d. 21 Nov 1922

Fourth Generation descending from John Crawford, 1784

Felix Ewing Crawford 1870

Felix Ewing Crawford was born 8 May 1870 to John Washington Williams Crawford and Viginia Franklin Bateman 1836. Felix married Mary Maggie Avery 1876 - 1953, who the Sixth Great Grand daughter of Mayflower Pilgrims John Alden and Priscilla Mullins. Felix is the Great Grandson of John Crawford 1784 and Elizabeth Rutherford 1787. Felix lived until 19 May 1953, dying at the age of 83.

Felix Ewing Crawford 1870 and Mary Maggie Avery Crawford are the parents of the following children:

1. Lawrence Ewing Crawford 12/24/1897 - 10/2/1979

2. Florence Maggie Crawford Harris 10/5/1899 – 6/29/1994

3. Levi Edgar Crawford 4/25/1901 – 9/23/1992

4. Vernon Daniel Crawford 4/29/1903 – 5/22/1945

5. Ira Washington Crawford 2/9/1906 - 12/29/1993

6. Elbert William Crawford 11/6/1907 – 5/30/1986

7. Gladys Dela Crawford Sherrod 5/3/1914 – 3/14/1989

Crawfords from Scotland to America


John Crawford JOHN CRAWFORD (Crafford) was born 1600 in Ayshire, Scotland, and died in 1676 in James City, Virginia. He married ca 1597 in Ayrshire, Scotland, wife's name unknown. John migrated to Jamestown in 1643 and was killed during Bacon's Rebellion in 1676.

William Clemens, in the Account of the First American Settlers and Colonial Familiies of the Name of Crawford, published in 1914, asserts that John Crawfod, who was born in Aryshire, Scotland, in 1600 was among the first Crawford to come to America during its colonial period. John's wife died in scotland and John brought his son, David, to Jamestown,VA. John was killed in 1676, in one of the fights during Bacon' Rebellion.

Notable Descendants:

Willam Harris Crawford 1772 - 1834 served in GA state legislature, as U. S. Secretary of War, as U. S. Secreatary of Treasury and was candidate for President of U. S.

Meriwether Lewis 1774 - 1809 of Lewis and Clark

George Wiley Crawford commanded Fort Sumner d. 1862

Mastin Duke Crawford 1778 - 1842

Thomas Wall Crawford 1822 - 1885

Direct line of ascendancy for John Crawford 1600 -1676 family before coming to America

John Crawford or Johannes de Crawford, (of Crawfordjohn) c.1110 - 1170

Gaulterus Galfridus de Crawford, b c1150, d c1189, (Crawfordjohn)

Reginald de Crawford, b 1190, d 1250, (of Crawfordjohn)

John de Crawford, b 1222, d 1295, m Alicia de Dalsallock, (Crawfordjohn)

Reginald de Crawford, b 1255, d c1320, (of Auchinames)

Roger de Crawford, b 1285, d 1360, (of Auchinames)

Malcolm de Crawford, b 1330, d 1390, m Galbraith, (Greenock)

Roger de Crawford, b c1380, d c1445, (Kyle)

John de Crawford, b c1421, (Kyle)

Ancestry above this title is presumed. Ancestry below this title is provided by James F. Crawford pedigree view at

Malcolm de Crawford, b 1442, d c1499, m Marjorie Barclay, (Kilbirnie & Greenock) 1445 - 1470

Malcolm Crawford, b 1461, d 1500, m Marion Crichton, (Kilbirnie & Crawfordjohn) 1464 - 1493

Robert Crawford, b c1480, d 1513, m Margaret Isbel Semphill, (Kilbirnie) 1485 - 1509

Laurence (also Lawrence) Crawford, b 1504, d 1547, m Helen Campbell, (Kilbirnie) 1507 - 1526 Scotland

Hugh Crawford, b c1540 , d 1602,(or b. 1526 m. 1577 d. 1595 all in Kilbirnie, Scotland) m Margaret Colquhoun, (Kilbirnie) 1530 - 1561

Malcolm Crawford, b 1574, d 1592, m Margaret Cunningham, (Kilbirnie) 1560 - 1595 Scotland

John Crawford b 1578 m 1605 d 16 Jan 1622 all in Kilburnie, Aryshire, Scotland m Margaret Blair 1581 - Ayrshire, Scotland

First Generation of this Crawford family who came to America - John brought his son David 1625 with him to America or David 1625 was born in America

John Crawford b 1600 Kilburnie, Aryshire, Scotland d 1676 Jamestown, James, Virginia USA m Mary McConnell b Ireland

Only child of John Crawford 1600 - 1676 and Mary McConnell: 1. DAVID CRAWFORD, b 1623/25 Kilbernie, Ayrshire, Scotland (or 1625 Assasquin, New Kent Co. Virginia USA) d 13 Dec 1689 New Kent, New Kent Co, VA.

DAVID CRAWFORD was born 1623/25 in Kilbernie, Ayrshire, Scotland, and died 13 Dec 1689 (or 1710) in New Kent, New Kent County, Virginia. He married in 1654/56 to Jane —- (or in 1654 married Jane A Douglas in James City, Viginia USA) born 1633 in Virginia (and died 1710 in Virginia USA). Various spellings in legal documents have the Crawford name as Craford or Crafford. In 1667, David had 86 acres of land located in the parish of Martyn's Hundred in James City County granted by Sir William Berkeley, the Governor of the Colony of Virginia. The second grant of land to David was in 1672 for 1000 acres of land as “lying in ye branches of Mattadegun Creeke, in New Kent County” for having brought into the colony twenty persons. He acquired other lands: 1,350, 375, 1,300, 277, and 196 acres, most in St. Paul's Parish and St Peter's Parish in New Kent County or Hanover County.

“David Crawford belonged to the slave-holding aristocacy of the Old Dominion which so closely resembled the feudal nobility of earlier times.” He certaintly had Indian servants whom he said he had purchased. The way of life in Virginia at this period became very gracious for those who could afford it. Almost from one generation to the next, this class went from primitive shelters to homes built of brick. Mostly constructed of two stories, these homes had large rooms and high ceilings, large windows with glass to take care of the heat in summer. The kitchen and any other areas which were considered other than living areas were separated. So was born the southern tradition of the 'main' house surrounded by smaller buildings for cooking, washing, and dairy products.

Reference: “The Meriwethers and Their Connections” by Nelson Heath Meriweather, Chapter III Nicholas Meriwether II (1667-1744) p 55, This Crawford History is taken from Mrs. Frank Armstrong (Crawford) Vanderbilt's “Laurus Crawfordiana: Memorials of that branch of the Crawford family which comprises the descendants of John Crawford, of Virginia, 1660-1883” (New York, privately printed, 1883), “Statutes at Large; A Collection of all the Laws of Virginia” Volume V, by William Waller Hening p. 257 September 1744 18th George II Chap. XXIV.

Children of David Crawford and Jane A. Douglas:

1. Judith Crawford, b 1658 New Kent Co, VA m Robert Lewis

2. Angeline Crawford, b Apr 1660 New Kent Co, VA d Apr 1766 m William McGuire

3. David Crawford II, b 1662 (Assasquin), New Kent Co, VA d Sep 1762 Amherst, VA m Nov 1695 Jamestown, VA Elizabeth Smith.

4. John Crawford, b Oct 1664 New Kent Co, VA d 13 Dec 1689 St. Peter Parish, New Kent Co, VA

5. Sarah Crawford, b 1666 New Kent Co, VA d 1752 Louisa Co, VA m 1696 Thomas Poindexter

6. ELIZABETH CRAWFORD, b 1671/72 New Kent Co, VA d 1753/62 Louisa Co, VA

ELIZABETH CRAWFORD was born in 1671 or 1672 in New Kent County, Virginia, and died sometime between 1753 and 1762 in Louisa County, Virginia. She married in 1688 or 1689 in New Kent County to Nicholas Meriwether II, son of Nicholas Meriwether and Elizabeth Woodhouse.

Children of Elizabeth Crawford 1671 and Nicholas Meriwether:

1. JANE MERIWETHER, b 1680-1705, Goochland Co, VA d 1753-57 m 1724-1725, Glouester, VA Col. Robert Lewis

2. Thomas Meriwether, b 1682-91 Goochland, VA

3. William Meriwether, b 1683-92, New Kent, VA d 1756 m 1713 Elizabeth Bushrod

4. Nicholas Meriwether, b 04 Jul 1684 Goochland, VA d 1739 m Mildred Thornton

5. David Meriwether, b 1689-90 Goochland, Virginia d 25 Dec 1744 Louisaco, VA m 1711-13 New Kent, VA, Anne Holmes

6. Elizabeth Meriwether, b 20 Jun 1690 Goochland, VA d 01 Jan 1724-25 m Thomas Bray

7. Ann (Anne) Meriwether, b 15 Jul 1694 Goochland, VA d 1780-85 Louisa Co, VA m (1) in VA, Thomas Johnson (2) in 1750-52 John Cosby

8. Sarah Meriwether, b 07 Dec 1697 Goochland, VA d 02 Jul 1733 m William Littlepage

9. Mary Meriwether, b 1698-1707 New Kent, Albemarle, VA d 1745 m. John Aylett

Geneaology for [[Lewis Meriwether 1744|Meriwether Lewis]] 1744

John Crawford 1600 -1676 m Mary McConnell see above

David Crawford 1625 m Jane A. Douglas 1633 see above

Elizabeth Crawford 1672 m Nicholas Meriwether 1667 see above

Colonel Robert Lewis 1704 m Jane Meriwether 1705 see above

William Lewis b 1735 Locust Hill, Albemarle, VA USA d 14 Nov. 1779 VA, USA m 31 Aug 1760 VA, USA to Luch Meriwether b 4 Feb 1751 Albemarle, VA, USA d 8 Sept. 1837 VA, USA

Captain Meriwether Lewis b 18 Aug 1774 Locust Hill, Albemarle, VA, USA d 11 Oct 1809 murdered Natchez Trace, Tennesseee, USA

Geneaology for William Harris Crawford

John Crawford 1600 m Mary McConnell see above

David Crawford 1625 m Jane A. Douglas see above

David Crawford b Sept. 1662 in VA, USA d 6 Sept 1762 USA m Elizabeth Smith b 29 Oct. 1673 - d 1767 VA, USA see above

David Crawford b 9 June 1697 VA, USA d 4 Aug. 1766 in VA, USA m Ann Anderson 1708 - 1803 VA, USA

Joel Crawford b 16 Oct 1736 in Hanover, VA, USA d 13 Oct. 1788 in Columbia, GA USA m 1760 in Amherst, VA Frances Elizabeth Harris b 27 Jan. 1746 VA, USA - d Oct. 1788 Lexington, GA, USA

William Harris Crawford b 24 Feb 1772 Amherst, Virginia USA d. 15 Sept. 1834 Elbert, Georgia USA m 1804 in Amherst, VA to Susannah Geradin 1766 -18 24


William Clemens, in the Account of the First American Settlers and Colonial Familiies of the Name of Crawford, published in 1914, asserts that Alexander Crawford and Patrick Crawford, brothers, were among the earliest settlers in Augusta County, Virginia. They are presumed to have been natives of the north of Ireland. their descendants say there was a third brother, but whose name they do not know… (This missing brother or several of the missing links in the Augusta County Virginia Crawford geneaology could hold the key to the ancestry of John Crawford 17l84.

Alexander Crawford, the elder brother, married Mary McPheeters. The following is the ancestry of Alexander Crawford 1715 and Patrick Crawford.

Thorlongus of the Merse (Ednam)

Swain Thorson of Swinton, (Barony of Crawford c1075)

Galfridus Swaneson de Crawford, (Barony of Crawford c1095)

Reginald de Crawford, (of Crawfordjohn)

John Crawford or Johannes de Crawford, (of Crawfordjohn) c.1110 - 1170

Gaulterus Galfridus de Crawford, b c1150, d c1189, (Crawfordjohn)

Reginald de Crawford, b 1190, d 1250, (of Crawfordjohn)

John de Crawford, b 1222, d 1295, m Alicia de Dalsallock, (Crawfordjohn)

Reginald de Crawford, b 1255, d c1320, (of Auchinames)

Roger de Crawford, b 1285, d 1360, (of Auchinames)

Malcolm de Crawford, b 1330, d 1390, m Galbraith, (Greenock)

Roger de Crawford, b c1380, d c1445, (Kyle)

John de Crawford, b c1421, (Kyle)

Malcolm de Crawford, b 1442, d c1499, m Marjorie Barclay, (Kilbirnie & Greenock)

Malcolm Crawford, b 1461, d 1500, m Marion Crichton, (Kilbirnie & Crawfordjohn)

Robert Crawford, b c1480, d 1513, m Margaret Isbel Semphill, (Kilbirnie)

Laurence(also Lawrence)Crawford, b 1504, d 1547, m Helen Campbell, (Kilbirnie)

Hugh Crawford, b c1540, d 1602, m Margaret Colquhoun, (Kilbirnie)

Malcolm Crawford, b 1574, d 1592, m Margaret Cunningham, (Kilbirnie)

Alexander Crawford, b 1605, d 1659, m Mary Crichton, (Killybegs)

Robert Crawford, b 1632,

Robert Crawford, b c1672, m Mary Shaw

William Crawford, b 1691 Lanarkshire, Scotland, d 1761, m Mary Douglas

Alexander Crawford 1715 is the first generation to emigrate to America in this Crawford Clan

Alexander Crawford, b 1715 Clydesdale, Scotland, d 1764, m Mary McPheeters

Children of Alexander 1715 and Mary McPheeters Crawford:

William Crawford 1744 -1792 m Rachel Sawyers 1750 - 1821

Edward Crawford, graduated Princeton College in 1775, licensed to preach in the Presbyterian faith in 1777, member of Lexington,VA Presbytery at its organization in 1786

John Crawford was a soldier in the Revolutionary War for the entire term and when not in the field made guns and other weapons for the Patriots, having acquired iron working skills from his father. Promoted to first lieutenant for gallantry in Battle of Cowpens. John also fought at Guilford and with General Greene in all his southern campaigns. Went to Illinois and is said to have 16 children.

James Crawford, licensed to preach in Presbyterian faith in 1779. Moved to Kentucky where he pastored Walnut Hil Church, near Lexington.

Rebecca Crawford married John Sawyers

Alexander Crawford, Revolutionary War veteran who fought at Battle of Point Pleasant. Married Hopkins, then McClure. Resided at Walker's Creek, Rockbridge, VA

Elizabeth Crawford

Robert Crawford

Martha Crawford married Alexander Craig

Samuel Crawford 1759

Mary Crawford

Patrick Crawford younger brother of Alexander Crawford,1715

Patrick resided on a farm lying on Middle River and married Sally Wilson. In 1756, Patrick served as a member of Captain James Allen's Company of militia. James' will was proved in the County Court, Decemberr 18, 1787 and his personal estate, including slaves, amounted to amobut $8,216.

Patrick and Sally had the following four sons and and five daughters:

George Crawford, 1 October 1754, to whom Patrick left the plantation where Geroge resided. George married Nancy Winter and is a first cousin of Daniel Boone. Nancy's father, William Winer married Ann Boone, an aunt of Daniel Boone. Nancy's sister, Elizabeth, married Abraham Lincoln, the grandfather of President Lincoln (written Abraham Linkhorn at that time).

Major John Crawford 29 March 1764 married Rbecca Allen, daughter of Captain James Allen.

Major James Crawford married Cynthia McClung

William Crawford 6 August 1767 married Nancy Smith

James Crawford died unmarried and was twin brother of William

Nancy married John Miller

Hannah married Harry Miller

Sally married James Bell

Jane married Franklin McCue

Martha married Peter Hanger

Polly marred James Bourland

Rebecca died unmanrred

Margaret marred James Walker.

Crawfords from Ireland to America


According to some, the ancestors of Colonel John Crawford emigrated from Scotland to Northern Ireland and Col. John Crawford emigrated to America (probably first to Pennsylvania, then to North Carolina).

This clan of Crawfords includes President/General Andrew Jackson and has numerous clan type links with the subject crawford clan.

William Clemens, in the Account of the First American Settlers and Colonial Familiies of the Name of Crawford, published in 1914, asserts that the ancestors of Col John Crawford, who came direct from Ayshire, Scotland to Pennsylvania, lie burried in the Kilburnie Kirk-yard. The three sons of Col. John Crawford moved from Pennslvania to South Carolina with a number of Scoth-Irish, among whom were the Whites, Jacksons and Dunlaps…. There was a Col. John Crawford who went to Ireland and aferwards formed a Scotch-Irish settlement isn America, but he settled on the Hudson River. Robert, James and Joseph, sons of Col. Crawford, of Pennneylvania, moved to Waxhaws, now Lancasster County, S. C., about 1760.

First American Generation for this Crawford clan

1. Col. John Crawford 1687-1748

migrated from to America with ancestors of Andrew Jackson and the Hutchinsons. married 2. Mary McConnel 1688-


First Son of Col John

John Crawford m. Hannah Anderson and stayed in Ireland This John had two sons; (1) James Crawford about whom there is no information and who may be the father of John Crawford 1784 and (2) John Crawford, Jr., 1761 - 1833, who married Agnes Glass and then went to S.C., TN, KY, Illinois.

Second Son of Col John

3. Major Robert Crawford 1728 - 1801

married 4. Jean White 1742 - 1804. According to some, the grand daughter of 5. Moses White 1696 - 1741 and 6. Mary Polly Campbell 1686- ? (sister to 7. John Campbell 1674 - 1741. John Campbell 1674 m. 8. Grissel Hay. John Campbell 1674 is the 5 G-grand father of Felix Ewing Crawford.

Major Robert Crawford 1728 - 1801 and Jean White 1742 -1804 had a son, William 18 September 1773 who married mary Phifer 1784 - 1860, daugheter of Col. Martin Phifer, Je. , and Elizabeth Locke. Elizabeth is the sister of General Matthew Locke. 1730 -1801.Moses White and Mary had son Moses White 1725 - 1786 who married Mary McConnel 1730-1756(see Col John=s wife DOB)

Third son of Col. John Crawford:
Fourth son of Col. John Crawford:

10. James Crawford 1734 - 1777 married 11. Janet or Jennet Hutchinson 1735-1776 Aunt of President Andrew Jackson Raised Andrew Jackson

Children of James and Janet Crawford:

12. James Crawford 1746-1812 married 13. Christiana White 1754- Sister to Jean White who married Robert Crawford above

14. Margaret Crawford 1758-1818 married 15. Alexander Campbell

Children of Alexander Campbell and Margaret Crawford:

16. Mary Campbell - 1823 married 17. Richard McMahan 1786 - 1829

18. Francis Campbell Will of Francis Campbell was prepared by attorney, Edwin Ewing, (distant relative of Felix Ewing Crawford 1870) and witnessed by Jacob McGavock m. Louisa Grundy. Jacob is the brother of James McGavock m. Lucinda Ewing. James is the great-grandfather of Felix Ewing Crawford.

Francis Campbells' daughter married McMahon

Children of John Campbell and Grissel Hay (Felix Ewing Crawford's 5G-grand parents)

daughter Elizabeth Campbell 1713 - 1780 Donegal Ireland married James Gregan Crawford 1761 - 1839

daughter Margaret Campbell 1707 - 1764, Felix Ewing Crawford's 4G-Grandparents married David Cloyd 1710-1792

Another connection:

John Johnston 1702 - 1733, Felix Ewing Crawford's 3G-grandfather married Elizabeth Campbell 1713 - who was born in Tyrone Ireland? and died in PA.? This is not the Elizabeth Campbell also born in 1713 in Donegal Ireland?


John Crawford or Johannes de Crawford, (of Crawfordjohn) c.1110 - 1170

Gaulterus Galfridus de Crawford, b c1150, d c1189, (Crawfordjohn)

Reginald de Crawford, b 1190, d 1250, (of Crawfordjohn)

John de Crawford, b 1222, d 1295, m Alicia de Dalsallock, (Crawfordjohn)

Reginald de Crawford, b 1255, d c1320, (of Auchinames)

Roger de Crawford, b 1285, d 1360, (of Auchinames)

Malcolm de Crawford, b 1330, d 1390, m Galbraith, (Greenock)

Roger de Crawford, b c1380, d c1445, (Kyle) (omitted by Crawford Family

John de Crawford, b c1421, (Kyle) (omitted by Crawford Family

Malcolm de Crawford, b 1442, d c1499, m Marjorie Barclay, (Kilbirnie & Greenock)

Malcolm Crawford, b 1461, d 1500, m Marion Crichton, (Kilbirnie & Crawfordjohn)

Robert Crawford, b c1480, d 1513, m Margaret Isbel Semphill, (Kilbirnie)

Laurence (also Lawrence) Crawford, b 1504, d 1547, m Helen Campbell, (Kilbirnie)

Captain Thomas Crawford b. c.1546 - 1603

Hugh Crawford b. 1570 m. Marion Colquhoun

Hugh Crawford m. Elizabeth Stirling, daughter of Cornelius Stirling 1549

Lawrence Major General Crawford b. 1620 Ayshire, Scotland

(the above geneology from Crawford Family Tree

William Crawford 1670 -1732 married Naudine Valentine 1670 - ? (William also shown b. 1640 Ayshire, Scotland m. 1670 d. 1702 in VA, USA)

First American Generation for this Crawford clan

Hugh Crawford 1695 - 1736 married Honora Grimes 1700 - 1776 (Fathers name also shown as Valentine Sr and William)

Second American Generation for this Crawford clan

Colonel William Crawford 1732 - 1782

William Crawford (1732 – 11 June 1782) was an American soldier and surveyor who worked as a western land agent for George Washington. Crawford fought in the French and Indian War and the American Revolutionary War. American Indians tortured Crawford then burned him at the stake in a notorious incident near the end of the American Revolution.

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