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David McGavock 1763

(3.) David McGavock 1763 - 1838, son of McGavock James 1728 married, first, Elizabeth McDowell, daughter of James McDowell and Elizabeth Cloyd

Children of David McGavock 1763 and Elizabeth Cloyd:

24. James McGavock, 28 March 1790, m. Mary Kent, 12 May 1812, d. 23 January, 1841.

25. John McGavock, 30 January 1792, m., 1st, Cynthia Kent, 2nd, Sally Shall, 3d, Elizabeth Hinton, and d. 7 July 1877.

26. Francis McGavock, 31 January 1794, m. Amanda P. Harding, 23 October 1823, d. 23 December 1866.

27. Randal McGavock, 27 March 1796, m. Almira Haynes, 24 March, 18 1 8, d. 11 June 1864.

28. Emily McGavock, 29 July 1798, d. 26 December 1798.

29. , unnamed son, 4 October 1799, d. 11 October 1799.

30. Lysander McGavock, 22 October 1800, m. Elizabeth Crockett, 5 December 1822, d. 5 August 1855.

31. Hugh L. W. McGavock, 9 August 1804, m. Mary W. Hagen, 25 July, 1843, d. 1 July 1853.

32. Sally McGavock, 9 August 1804, m. Jos. L. Ewing, 11 November, 1824, d. 22 August 1857.

Children of David McGavock 1763 and Mary Turner Hubble

33. McGavock David T. 1813| David T. McGavock, 19 April 1813, m. Caroline Pugsley, 4 December, 1832, d. 9 January 1866.

34. McGavock Albert 1814|Albert McGavock, September 1814, d. 28 October 1836.

(3.)David McGavock, was born in Rockbridge county, Va., 6 February 1763. David inherited, in a large measure, the energy, indomitable will, and integrity of his honored father, James McGavock 1728. These traits of character ensured success, and qualified him to be a prominent and safe leader in a newly settled country.

married 16 June 1789 Elizabeth McDowell, daughter of James McDowell and Elizabeth Cloyd.

Elizabeth, was born in Rockbridge county, Va., and died there, while on a visit in 1807. Elizabeth was first cousin to her husband, and also to General Gordon Cloyd, Thomas and David Cloyd, sons of Colonel Joseph Cloyd, all late of Pulaski county, Va., and the aunt of the late Governor James McDowell, of Virginia, and of the wife of the Hon. Thomas H. Benton, late U. S. Senator from Missouri.

David McGavock was one of the early settlers of Nashville. David came to Tennessee with the trade of surveyor, for which he was fitted by a liberal education and great physical power of endurance. In 1786 David located in and around the settlement, in the names of his father and himself, 2,240 acres of the best land he could find, including a tract of several hundred acres around Freeland's station. His good judgment is yet apparent in the location of lands taken up and purchased by him in Davidson and Williamson Counties, Tennessee. He made Nashville his permanent residence in 1795. In 1806 the citizens in his district elected David to serve in the legislature of Tennessee. David also served as Register of the Land Office, and was the incumbent thereof until his death, which occurred 7 August, 1838.

His second wife was the widow Mary Hubble {nee Turner), whom he married in 1812. She was born in North Carolina, and died in Nashville, 1834. By her he had two sons. By his first wife he had nine children, in all eleven.

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